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Natural Neem Acne Facial Soap & Moisturizer

Veronica M--Before Using Neem


This is Veronica,  we met  in a local store. As I also had a severe Acne Problem, when I meet someone with Acne I inform them of my Products. I like to help one acheive clear skin as It is possible..

Veronica M--2 Weeks After Starting Neem


Veronica agreed to give "Neem" a try. I told her its Natural, Chemical & Anitbiotic Free; & Vegan. At 2 weeks of daily use her Acne is begining to clear. Veronica had severe cystic & Pustille Acne. I was aware she had what I consider "Severe" Acne. I'm so glad Veronica decided to try using Neem and kept going

Veronica M- 30 Days after Using Neem


After 30 days of use, Veronica is much clearer and almost to the point of clear skin. As she also has redness and some inflammation, it's time to add Black Seed and/or Turmeric to her cleansing routine. This should help with the Redness and Inflammation. She should still wash with Neem Daily to keep the Acne  under Control. We hope Veronica will share more progress pictures with us in another 30 days?...(check back for updates) Reviewed on 6-10-2019

She is finally Smiling!


Veronica M.--Shares her experience using Neem

 Veronica M.  Verified Reviewer  5 star rating   06/08/19   Neem Acne Treatment  

My name is Veronica. I had severe acne covering my face. I started when I got pregnant with my little girl at 25yrs old. I went from never even having a pimple on my face to having the worst acne covering my face! It was horrible and killed my self esteem. I tried different face washes like pro active and different neutropenia face products and aveeno and several others. I never sought any help from a doctor because i was unaware it could’ve even been a medical problem. 

I started wearing heavy make up that claimed it also helped with acne clear up and breakouts and to prevent future breakouts. Nothing I did worked. Nothing. Then I met Katrin, the wonderful woman making these amazing products, and she explained the Neem Acne treatment completely to me and I bought the Neem face wash and moisturizer the following week. I’ve used them both twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. It has been almost 5 weeks now and I would say my acne is gone. I have a few stray pimples (but I’ve also been sweating a lot because it’s been hot) and a little redness left but my acne is gone. I haven’t worn make up in a long time and my hair is often pulled back. I look into the mirror and I feel like I can finally see myself again. I have full confidence that in another couple of weeks even the redness will be gone. I’m starting to get my confidence back. For me, this acne treatment literally has been life changing and will continue to be life changing. As my face clears up, I become more and more confident and excited about being alive and building a life. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone with acne. It’s amazing!


Products Used/Acne Care

Natural Neem Acne Formula

Washing with Neem 2x daily can help to remedy Moderate to Severe Acne. 

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Natural Neem Moisturizer

Provides leave-on all day Acne Protection. Moisturizes and prevents dead skin from clogging pores and developing black heads. Designed for Oily & Acne Prone Skin.

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Teen Acne Kit

A Complete Acne Kit with cute Sponge Bob Square Bars. Same Neem formula; Black Seed for Redness; & Neem Moisturizer for Oily & Acne Prone Skin. A Ready-to-go Acne Set, with Product Brochure & Instructions.

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Natural Skin Nutrition-Neem Rewards


Our Insight to Veronica M.

First I want to Thank Veronca for Beleiving me and taking the time to find out about Neem.

Second I want to Thank Veronica for Following Through and using Neem; and for taking the progression Photos of herself Before Starting Neem; 2 weeks after Starting Neem; and 30 days after Starting Neem.

Courage & Selflessnesss

Again, I want to personally thank Veronica for following through and allowing her personal photos to be shared on our site with people who may also need an Acne Remedy that works. We are extremely proud Veronica is almost there after 30 days of using Neem. We were fully aware of the Servere Cystic and Pustille type Acne She Had; and are elated she has her confidence and self esteem back!

What Veronica Used

Veronica used a simple 2 step Acne Remedy. No special creams; liquids; pills; antibiotics; or spot treatments.

We stand firm on our beleif that no matter what type of pills you take or creams you use for Acne, you will still break out if you dont wash your face.

We developed a simple facial cleansing bar that contains Natural Neem. Neem has properties that can kill the bacteria that causes acne while cleansing your skin in a bar soap form. Neem is a natural flowering and fruiting shrub Native to India. The leaves are ground and the oil is pressed from the fruit and fruit kernel.

After washing with Natural Neem Facial Cleansing Bar simply apply Natural Neem Facial Moisturizer. The Moisturizer contains Neem which provides all day relief and slows down the reproduction of Acne Causing Bacteria.

Even those with oily skin need to use the correct type of Moisturizer; otherwise, dryness and dead skin cells can further clog pores and cause Pimples and Blackheads.

Natural Neem Acne Products

How she did it

Neem Acne Remedy is a simple solution to resolving acne. Simply wash your face with Neem Facial Soap in the Morning and apply the Neem Moisturizer when done. That's it..your all set for the day.

Before Bedtime it is important to wash again with Neem. Throughout the day, sweat, airborne particles, and contact with hands can introduce or induce bacteria. It is important to wash the bactria away again and NOT allow it to remain on your face all night.

Apply Neem Moisturizer after washing at Bedtime for added overnight protection.

Simply put, wash with Neem 2x daily; Morning and Night and Moisturize with Neem 2x daily Morning & Night.

There are other helpful tips that help you to ensure the best possible results:

Keep your  Pillowcase clean; Change it every 3 days when starting Neem to clear Acne. If you just cleansed your face, dont put in on that dirty pillowcase all night. Weelky changing to a clean pillowcase should be sufficient after week 2.

Be mindful of the Hair Care products you use; Especially Ethnic Hair Care which is usually oily. During warm months, we sweat. This can cause the Mousse, Gel. or Grease used on our hair to to fun off and cause Acne Flair-Ups.

Im almost clear...but not completely.. What's Next?

By Veronica still having some redness and inflammation it is time for her to work on those aspects.

She has used the Neem for 30 days and there is a huge difference in the severity of her Acne. Now she is thinkiing about the Red Zones.

This is why we developed the "Facial Remedy Pack":

You start with Neem and use it until your Acne is under control. At that point (Acne under Control) you can begin to focus on the Redness and Inflammation.

Turmeric & Tea Tree is designed to releive inflammation and calm redness. Turmeric is a Natural Antiflammatory. It does the same as a Cortizone Cream but without the Man Made Steroids. It can greatly reduce swelling and redness. 

 Black Seed is designed for Sensitive and Allergic types. Black Seed acts like a Natural Antihistamine, but without the Drowiness and Side effects of Man Made Antihistamines. If Veronica's Redness and Inflammation is caused by an Allergy or Sensitivity and her body's way to react is to produce histamines; the Black Seed should eleviate her Redness and help with the inflammation. The Black Seed is cleansing and soothing for the skin.

Veronica can add the Black Seed or Turmeric at this point. She can use it for a 3rd time Mid-Day or she can substitute the Morning or Evening wash with Neem. she should still continue to use Neem until she can  fully control her Breakouts. If she  breaks out again, she shoud bump the Neem up to 2x daily and add the 3rd wash with Black Seed or Turmeric. She can also wash 2x at Night...first with Neem followed by Black Seed or Turmeric; if that is more convenient. We want you to use the Products to thier best advantage and not overburden yourself and stop. It only works if you use it!

Developing a Skin Care Regimine

We always recommend that you try 1 product at a time and use it for at least 2 weeks so you will know how that product benefits your particular skin type.

If you use Turmeric in the Morning and Sea Kelp at night, how are you going to know which one works?

The first goal is to clear the Acne and get it under Control. Then Work on other issues like redness and inflammation. The Second goal is to Maintain your skin; you dont want to revert to frequent or uncontrolled breakouts. Once you have used the products; determine which is  best suited to prevent reoccurrence. You may have oily skin and find that Neem & Seal Salt & Sea Kelp for Mild to Moderate Acne will help you maintain less severe breakouts....

Finally, work on any scarring if that is your case. You may be concerned, but the best way to avoid scarring is to get your Acne under control so it will not leave any future scars. If your Acne is completely under control and you can just wash with Neem or another Facial Bar to control it; it is time to work on scarring, if any. We offer Natural Remedies for Scarring the newer the scaring the better chances of repairing that skin. Old scars may be lightened but not necessarily removed altogether. Each peerson is unique and so is thier skin. Unline Neem scar repair takes months before you will see results. Usually in 6-8 weeks of continued use is when you will expect to see visible results. (I like to keep the expectation as realistic as possible). Most repair type creams offer visible notice in that timeframe.

We are always here to help you attain clear skin. If your not sure which product is right for you or if you need help in selecting products, just let us know. We are always happy to help out.