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Natural Skin Care made with Halal; Kosher; Organic; & Vegan Ingredients

Tell Your Acne Story; Review our Neem Acne Formula

Our Acne & Facial Mask are 100% Vegetable Based; made w/ Halal; Kosher; Organic; & Vegan Ingredients

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Simple Cleansing 2 x daily---no multiple steps required to acheive clear skin

We want you to succeed at obtaining clear skin. With the right Product, it is possible. Our Neem Acne formula is a Natural Vegan Facial Soap that quickly rids existing Acne & will deter future Acne eruptions when used as Directed. 

No 3-4 steps involved. A simple easy to use Product that wont take all of your time. Since you need to wash your face daily, why not wash it with the right type of cleanser that will relieve your Acne. 

Neem is Naturally Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antimicrobial, &  Antiparasitic.

When used as directed 2x  daily, Neem will relieve your Acne. Visible results in 7 days; Clearing of Acne in 7 - 14 days; And clear skin in 14 -28 days with continued daily use. All Natural; 100 % Vegetable based; made with Halal; Kosher; Organic; Vegan ; Ingredients.

If you want a full facial care system, we do offer a full line of Complete Facial Care Products. However, our Acne Remedy is designed to cleanse the skin properly; thus, ridding the acne causing bacteria. Even if you take an oral medication to combat acne, it will not work if you do not cleanse your face daily. (Imagine a month of oral medication yet not washing your face for a month, it will not help to clear your skin.) Proper cleansing with the right Product is vital to get Acne under control; reduce Acne Flare ups; and obtain Clear skin.

Our Complete Facial Care Products include Facial Soaps, Cleansers, Exfoliators, Facial Masks, Facial Toning Astringents, and Facial Moisturizers, all designed in different formulations to combat various skin issues and benefit various skin types.

If you need assistance in selecting a formulation for your skin type or a specific problem, please let us know, we are always happy to help.


Tell Your Story & How our Neem Formula helped clear your Acne

There are two (2) teirs to our Neem Rewards Program.

Tier 1

Use our Neem Acne Formula as Directed for 30 days. (wash face morning &   evening with Neem); at the end of your 30 days tell us how your skin problem changed using Neem. Briefly describe what you previously tried and how it worked/did not work. Tell how neem helped your skin clear up, what happened & how your Acne changed after each week of use. Your Testimonial posted in our review section of this website will entitle you to receive your  second bar of Neem Free of Charge.

Please express your interest in participating in Neem Rewards at the time of Ordering your first bar. Available to online website verified customers; and in person Market Customers who purchase our Neem Acne Formula.   Must request reward at time of purchase; send 2 week update; and finalize testmonial within 45 days of purchase of Neem Acne Formula. Your free bar will be sent within 10 days of   completion of your testimonial. (NSN reserves the right to change this offer).

Tier 2

Has the same requirements as Tier 1. In addition to the written testimonial, Teir 2 Neem Rewards Participants will submit before & after photos to be posted on this website with their respective testimonials. Tier 2 Rewards will receive a complete Remedy Pack with 5 Regular sized Bars.  All other requirements  described in Teir 1 must be met .

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We Love to Help people attain Clear, Acne Free Skin

 We are here to help. If you have any questions about our Product(s); please let us know. We can help you develop a skin care routine targeted for your particular skin Problem. We provide easy to use Products that are effective, chemical free, cruelty free, Vegan, and Natural. Our Acne Formula was developed by Natural Skin Nutrition who's owner had this problem and beleives in helping others with the same formula that provided a solution to her problem skin.

Teen Acne Repair Kit

Our Teen Acne Repair Kit contains the same Natural Neem Formula as our Regular Neem Bars but in a Cute Sponge Bob Square Bar.

This ready to go kit contains 2 Bars and our Natural Neem Facial Moisturizer for Acne & Problem Skin. You will receive a Natural Neem Acne Bar and our Black Seed Facial Bar.

Why? Most Acne is also accompanied by redness and inflammation. The Black Seed formula contains Natuural Black Seed which has a Natural Antihistamine; is Naturally Antifungal and helps to sooth and calm swelling and redness caused by irritations and allergens. We found this combination most helpful to releive Acne and the associated Redness and Swelling. Our Daily Neem Moisturizer helps to reduce the development and spread of Acne and Acne causing bacteria while controling oil and providing the skin its much need moisture. This will not cause the skin to be oily or clog pores.

Still not sure?--See our Testimonials Page

We offer our Neem Acme Formula in a convenient trial size. Our trial size bar will last 1 person about 1 month, washing 2x daily. In most instances this is enough to clear acne over a 28-30 day period. We developed our Neem Acne Formula for Moderate to Severe Acne. For light Acne we also offer our Sea Salt & Sea Kelp formula. We recommend Neem as the starting point to quickly clear acne and when the Acne is gone or under control to use Sea Salt & Sea Kelp for cases of light Acne. We are available to  help you select a combination tailored for your skin type. You may use our Contact Form or Book a Free Consult.

Did You Know?

Most Retail Acne Remedies contain Harsh Chemicals that do not really work.

Even Rx Medications that are designed for Acne rarely work and you usually have to continue to take Antibiotics for Months and you still may not improve.

Antibiotics have side effects and can cause an overgrowth of Fungus. This can lead to further skin problems.

We take this approach; if your Rx has not cleared your Acne within 30 days, you should try Natural Neem. Neem provides results and clears most Moderate to Severe Acne within 30 days when used as directed. Washing 2x daily; Morning & Evening as a minimum.

(We do not intend this information to replace medical advice; if you have a concern, you should seek medical advice.)

Our Acne Formula is All Natural; Antibacterial; Antifungal; Antimicrobial; and Antiparasitic. It is a Facial Soap/Cleanser  that is made with Halal; Kosher; Organic; Vegan; Ingredients; it is Chemical Free and does not contain Synthetic or Man Made Antibiotics. Rather the Active Neem has Natural Properties that rid the skin of Acne and Acne causing Bacteria.

Helpful Hints:

When trying to clear Acne and Skin Problems it is beneficial to be mindful of the type of Hair Products you use. As we sweat, our Hair Products tend to run down our foreheads and onto the face.

You should change your Pillow Case at least weekly; we sweat when we sleep and often times we also drool (I Know...) Nevertheless, the next night, we tend to plop of face right on that same pillow full of who knows what...

If you are just starting out using Neem, you may wish to change your pillowcase every other day for the first week; then weekly thereafter.

I would even recommend buying a few extra pillow cases as ther are relatively inexpensive, just to make sure you can swap out that old dirty pillow case on a weekly basis.

We want you to succeed at clearing your skin. Please contact us if you need any assistance with selecting our facial skin care. We are always Happy to Help.