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Shipping Information and Facts



We Offer a variety of shipping options to allow you to receive your items in a cost effective manner or expedited, according to your needs.

Please not the USPS announced a rate increase that will go into effect Mid-January 2019

Natural Skin Nutrition does not set rates for the USPS, and therefore does not control the shipping cost changes that will be reflected at checkout.

Stay Tuned for Periodic Shipping Specials

We offer Free Shipping on Orders of $50.00 or more for your shopping convenience.

Free Every Day Shipping-to Domestic/USA-Locations--on Orders of $50.00 or more..

We are offering free shipping on all orders over $50. This offer may change in the future and We reserve the right to change this offer from time to time. 

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Upcoming Events/ Shipping Deals

Periodically, we offer specials on shipping including Free Shipping for Orders Placed during certain times and for certain amounts. Please check regularly for shipping deals.

Shipping Carriers

We use the services of the USPS  and offer Priority Mail; First Class Package; and Priority Mail Express.

If at any time you have a problem with the shipping section, please contact us. We do not program the online store shipping section, rather use the presets offered. If it seems wrong contact us, we usually can make  adjustments once the total weight is know.

New In House Delivery Service, we deliver to a limited Local area, during limited delivery hours (non-rush hour). Last Minute? no worries for those local to Columbia-Baltimore, Maryland (Howard; Anne Arundel; Baltimore Counties). If you wish to use our In-House delivery service Please Check out Selecting the Local Pick Up, Prior to Placing your Order; You may use our Convenient Book Button to schedule Delivery-Located on our Home Page, or you can email us or use our Contact Form. When you place your Order-select "Pick Up" as your shipping option, yes, we deliver (the Pick Up option is a pre-set, we can't change). This will bypass your selecting a shipping carrier and being charged shipping. You can then contact us via: Email; Contact Form; or Schedule Delivery using our Book button.

International Shipping & Canada

Canada: (Newly Added First Class Package Option)

If you reside in Canada or are Shipping to a Canadian Address the minimum shipping cost to Canada from the US is approximately $16.00 for a package weighing 2 lbs. This is using the First Class International Package Service.

**Please note the USPS has a rate increase scheduled to go into effect Mid January 2019. This may effect the shipping cost listed.

For First Class International Package Service to Canada:

The minimum rate of $16.00 is for a package weighing 2 lbs or less. The maximum allowed weight for First Class International is 4 lbs (or 64oz.); The price does increase after 2 lbs. I believe the First Class International Package for over 2 lbs is around $25.00 (estimated). If your shipping charges seem too high, please contact us and we will be happy to weigh your Order for an accurate rate.

If your items are over 2lbs, it may be a better option to select a Priority Mail International Flat Rate Box, This way, if it fits in the Flat Rate Box, it ships for one non weight based price (under 75lbs.)

Unfortunately, our shipping presets cannot distinguish if all of your items will fit and thus uses a weight system. If the Shipping Calculator does not seem right, please contact us. We can provide a final weight on your desired items and/or determine if your items will fit in a Flat Rate Shipping Box. The small Flat Rate Priority Mail International Box runs about $26.00. (Prices set by the USPS and subject to change).

Other International Destinations:

For other International Customers, the First Class International Package rates are determined by Country of Origin to Country of Destination (Distance) and the total weight of the Package.

It may be beneficial to use a Flat Rate Priority Mail International Shipping Method especially if your Country is located on another Continent. (non-America; Canada; Mexico; Panama; or neighboring countries). 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding International Shipping.