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Natural Skin Care made with Halal; Kosher; Organic; & Vegan Ingredients

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Products & Packaging


All of our Products are Hand Crafted in House using the finest available Ingredients.

Our Packaging is Food and/or Cosmetic Grade. Meaning it is safe to store edible food items; and safe for contact with the skin. Most jars, bottles, & containers and Recyclable.

We fill our containers well beyond the standard measure line (all the way to the top). 

All bottles, jars, & containers are Sterilized in house, prior to use and prior to filling with product. 

Most creams, lotions, and balms start off as a liquid. Since our Products are Hand Crafted from scratch, we do not fill our containers with a pre-made cream. Rather, we pour our formulations directly into our Pre-Sterilized bottles, jars, & containers. These items thicken once cooled to room temperature. We do not use Industrial "Vats" that pour from the bottom to fill our containers. You may notice some bubbles on top this occurs when pouring into jars. If a batch thickens before all jars are filled, we have mini-utensil tools to scoop or fill any remaining jars. This is a "Hand-Made" process.

As such, you may notice a liquid "fill-line" inside the jar or bottle. Once fully cooled to Room Temperature, the product thickens into the desired lotion or cream.

Settling does occur after jars and bottles are filled. We measure in fluid ounces lotions, creams, balms, and most products that start offcin liquid form.

Our "solid" type products such as bath salts; solid bars of soap; and clays are weighed using ounces/pounds. Liquid Hand Soap; Shampoos, etc. use fluid ounces.

While we store our items at room temperature; sitting on shelves, disturbance may cause creams & lotions to get on the top of the jar/bottle. Shipping or placing in a bag may cause a once flat surface to spill over inside the jar. This does not mean anything is wrong with the body balm or lotion.

(As I have dry skin, I keep lotion in my car (not recommended); for those on the go restroom handwashings, with the terribly drying soap.

On hot days, my lotion is very thin &  liquid like, I know itcis from the heat as that is how the lotion started; I also know it will thicken up again once it has cooled.

Please keep this in mind when selecting your shipping on hot days. If you are not local (Mid-Atlantic) you may wish to use an expedited service to minimize the exposure. If we are on the East Coast & You are on the West Coast; 5 day ground shipping on a hot truck may not be the best choice. 

I know if I order Organic Cocoa Butter Wafers in the Summer from the West Coast; by the time they make it to me the wafers are going to melt; when they cool, I will have to chisel from a solid clump.

Consider your items & needs when selecting shipping. We do not Insure your Order, this is done through the type of Service you select via USPS. We are not responsible for lost or damaged Mail/Packages. This is a Third-Party Shipping Issue. As such, and in an effort to provide economical shipping options, all First Class Mail Packages (up to 13 oz); and all First Class Retail Packages; Ship With a Tracking Number. You will have proof of mailing on "Regular" Non-Priority; & Non-Express Mail packages.

Lost or Damaged Package


What do I do if my Package is Lost or arrives Damaged?

If you do not receive you Order, please contact us, we will track the package to verify delivery and try to locate it. Additionally, we will verify  your item is not backordered. If it appears "Lost" the USPS, usually requestcthe Shipper file a claim on Priority; Express; & Insured Packages. If a claim is filed, as a courtesy, we will re-ship your Order once the claim is accepted. If you choose to file the claim or the USPS request you file a claim you will have to wait for reimbursement from the USPS.

If your package arrives to you damaged, you should notify the USPS and also let us know. The USPS will ask you for proof of the value of your Package. We will provide a copy of your invoice if needed. The USPS will handle damage claims for Priority; Express; & Insured Packages. Regular Mail- First Class & Retail Parcel Package service may not be eligible for insurance claims.

Why is my package Showing a higher value than that of the items I ordered.? From time to time, I will include various product samples with an Order. If this is the case, I will cover the packsge for its actual value in the event it is lost in transit. You will see any product samples sent written on your invoice

Problem with an Oder


I have a problem with my order. Whats Next?

Tell us what the problem is, we will work with you to resolve the problem.

Our Return Policy is on our Home Page. We do not accept returns on Skin Care Products for Health, Safety, & Hygene Reasons. 

We will replace or credit you for an item(s). Please let us know within 7 days of receipt of the item so we can respond accordingly. 

Please Note: If we made a mistake and sent you the wrong item, we will re-send you the correct item at no additional cost.

We do not refund Shipping Charges. Once your item Ships, the Shipping Carrier is Paid. We will credit you the cost of them item(s)/ Products only, should circumstances warrant.

Under certain Circumstances, you may be required to pay Return Postage for an Item. Please do not attempt to Return an Item without first obtaining a Return Authorization from us. Again, we do not accept Skin Care Products for Safety Reasons. Please contact us for a Return Authorization.

Packaging Types & Changes


From time to time a particular type or color of jar or bottle may not be available. We reserve the right to change the pictured bottle or jar, as appropriate.

You will always receive the same size Bottle or Jar; unless we have noted a change or new option in the product description.

Typically we provide bottles in 2 oz; 4oz; & 8 oz. volumes. This means the volume or capacity of the bottle holds 2, 4, or 8 oz. of product, respectively. Our jars are also available in these product sizes.

Certain specialty or other products may be available in different size options.

As a general rule in the cosmetic industry items are either sold by volume or weight. Typically liquid & cream type items are measured in fluid ounces. Whereas, solid items are weighed in ounces/pounds. Our Bath Salts are weighed prior to placement in the jar or zip seal bags. Clay Mask are weighed . (You may have 3 oz. of Clay Mask in a 2 oz. Jar). If I put just dry clay in the same jar; by volume you have 2 oz of clay; although it may only weigh 1 oz. ( The same jar can hold 2 oz of Salt or Baby Powder. Of course the saltvis going to weigh more than the powder, but you are still receiving 2 oz by volume.

Lotion Crafting: Balms; Creams; & Lotions


Why is my lotion in a bottle & body balm in a jar?

It is placed in an appropriate type container. Lotions are the consistency of milk when first made. They thicken as the mixture cools. How do you get a thick lotion into the bottle opening. You dont. You pour it in while it is still the consistency of milk. It thickens in the bottle as it cools.

Body Balms are a bit thicker so they are poured into a jar. If it gets thick too fast, it may be scooped in. Creams usually are poured into jars while still in liquid form. 

Did you know most of the solid Soap Bars we make are poured into the molds in a very liquid form. They harden & solidify overnight, and are cut into bars & the weighed.

Q & A


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